Cygnet Dimensions



Wing: Mustang 3
Wing Area--19m2206 sq ft19 sq mt
Wing Weight--19m2127 lb57.7 kg
Wing Area--20m2215 sq ft20 sq mt
Wing Weight--20m2140 lb63.5 kg
Height - Wheels Down1078.922.72 m
Height - Wheels Up100.258.352.55m
Width - Outer sides of Rear Wheels978.082.46 m
Width - Outer sides of Rear Floats7261.83 m
Float Length15913.254.04 m
Depth in Salt Water100.830.25 m
Cygnet folded for storage:
Height - Wing Closed1018.422.57 m
Height with Low Profile option968.02.44 m
Height with Low Profile option AND wheels retracted89.257.442.27m
Length - Wing Closed25821.56.55 m
Cygnet on Custom Trailer
Height on Trailer1179.82.97 m
Height on Trailer with Low Profile option1129.32.83 m
Total Length including Trailer300257.62 m
Cygnet Trailer
All aluminum and stainless construction. Torsion axle suspension.
Length18615.54.72 m
Width978.12.46 m
Floor Height (adjustable)161.30.41 m
Height with ramps up645.31.63 m
Trailer Weight343 pounds24.5 stone156 kg

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